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Credit and Finance Limited
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We are an international consultants providing management consultation and act as intermediate in various fields in the financial service industry.

We are a firm of International management and financial consultants specialising in financial agreements on behalves of overseas corporate and Governments.

We work in corporation with other professionals to help us to provide a comprehensive service to our clients.

The Directors of the company have more than 25 years’ experience in the financial industry.
    Terms of use
By submitting your Enquire or Intermediary Form you agree to the following:

 Credit and Finance Limited does business as a financial consulting firm. We provide no financial advisory services whatsoever.

 Credit and Finance Limited neither underwrites investments nor acts in the capacity of a securities broker, nor otherwise offers stock or securities for sale.

 As a Facilitator organization, we provide introduction consulting services, bringing borrower clients together with Sources of pathways to global capital markets.

 Our business is the establishment and exploitation, for Client gain, of relationships with funding Sources – financier/capital professionals/agents - worldwide.

 We conduct the business of our consultant practice on a best efforts basis.

 In most cases, our well-established financier and lender/investment group contacts with us, constantly updating us with regard to the type, number and capital volume requirements of quality projects they expect us to provide to them.

 All efforts by Credit and Finance Limited on behalf of Clients begin with complete, written project documentation from you. This is often best described as a business plan, the key to: successful financing, going public, acquisition, securing investors and related transactions. More than a statement of goals and strategies, the business plan is a powerful presentation document, introducing your Company to the business and financial community. Financiers and underwriters have indicated that a proper business plan saves them at least a week of analysis time – facilitating fast decisions making and funding.

 A typical business plan will include:

a) Executive Summary
b) Company History
c) Business Objective
d) Industry Survey
e) Detailed Business Description
f) Opportunity & Challenges
g) Keys to Success
h) Sustainable Competitive Advantage Detail
i) Business Plan Timetable
j) Management Team Detail
k) Market Differentiation Data
l) Professional Advisors (Solicitor, Accountants, etc.)
m) Marketing Plan
n) Financial Plan (P&L, Balance Sheet, Statement of Cash flow)
o) Minimum of Five Year Revenue Projections
p) Supporting Documentation (Copies of Patents, Contracts, etc.)
q) Any and All Marketing Collateral

 Business planning documentation will not be returned to Client except by prior, written and pre-paid courier arrangement. Credit and Finance Limited do not, at any time, participate in the creation of Client business planning documentation and accepts such documentation strictly at face value.

 Credit and Finance Limited do not sign NDAs in order to evaluate potential Clients or Projects. If we cannot discuss the details of the opportunity, it is virtually impossible to generate the interest of our Sources.

 The information provided to Credit and Finance Limited by our Sources of capital, to include representations regarding their ability to fund projects, is believed to be reliable as of the date of such representations. Credit and Finance Limited has no vested interest in the business of any of our Sources and has no control, whatever, with any Sources, their business operations or their day-to -day business decisions.

 Credit and Finance Limited have no business relationship with any of our Sources of funding, beyond that of providing referrals for consideration of funding. We endeavour, whenever possible, to attempt to influence rates, terms and conditions on behalf of Clients, however, this represents the full extent of any influence we may have with the Source(s).

 We have no organizational, fiduciary or other relationship with any Source(s). We are not employees, agents or representatives of such organizations. We are not members of their boards of directors, nor do they serve or have representation on ours. Credit and Finance Limited makes no business decisions whatever for our Sources, nor do they for us. Exerting no business influence over the management of each other’s organizations, processes, policies or business decisions, we are completely independent entities.

 All parties are expected to conduct their own due diligence and consult with their own professional advisors with regard to any dealings, whatsoever, with any Source(s) of capital. You are urged to meet with these Sources in person and to have your solicitor attend any and all funding meetings.

 Sophisticated Clients understand that access to private, international commercial finance is not without its costs. They understand that due diligence costs and the costs associated with the business travel of Sources or their agents in the process of funding Client projects are the responsibility of the Client and they are appropriately prepared to meet these expenses.

 We cannot help everyone. Our services are designed for and dedicated to only the most serious Clientele – we limit the efforts of our practice to those who understand and appreciate the unique services we bring to their capital requirements and are prepared to respond in an agile fashion to the requirements of both Credit and Finance Limited and its Sources.

 Credit and Finance Limited , at its sole discretion, may modify or revise these Terms of Service and its policies at any time and the reader agrees to be bound by such modifications or revisions

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